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08 Janvier 2018 à 18:51
je passe un oral d'anglais jeudi matin et je voudrais que quelqu'un puisse me corriger.

I am going to speak about places and forms of power. First of all I am going to give a definition of the notion, for me the power is the capacity to control events ; the capacity is to drive things forward in spite of obstacles, resistance or opposition. Power is often used by the government or the politics. Are all citizens on an equal footing? First, I will speak about inequalities between the rich and the poor. And in the second part, I will speak about inequalities between men and women.

I) Inequalities among the rich and the poor
In India, there are numerous disparities between the rich and the poor. India is the story of two duelling narratives. On the one hand, there is the face of poverty. Two thirds of the population in India live below the poverty line. However, on the other hand there is the Indian tiger: even if many Indians are poor, the economy of India quickly changes. India knows a growing GDP (GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT): approximately 7 or 8 % a year. The high-technology cities grow everywhere in the country. These high-tech cities such as Bangalor look like a science fiction dream. India is in the middle of the revolution of communication and want to work in these cities. Indeed, the system is unfair: there is a middle class, people are rich, that is poor. Besides the tradition, the dowry handicaps the poor people.There are a few examples of people who made it big by becoming very rich such as Suhas Gopinath (two stories). He created his own company which is called Global’s Inc. when he was 14 thanks to great ideas and a home computer. He was inspired by Bill Gates. He supplies software products in hundreds of companies in eleven countries and in the USA. He has become the world’s youngest CEO. On the whole he has become as a Bollywood movie star in his country which hosts the largest population of poor people. The Indians are so poor that when one of them earns 2000 rupees which is to say 40 dollars a month, he is very happy and considers himself a rich man, since he earns more than 400 million Indians. Unfortunately his job consists in searching mountains of rotten garbage to find things to sell.
Besides inequalities between the rich and the poor, there are also inequalities between men and women.

II) Inequalities among men and women
The text "Another girl" by Shilpi Somaya Gowda is a good example. Because we see a woman who gives birth to a girl and her husband clearly wants to kill or abandon her. A woman has no authority over her husband and can do nothing against him. Indeed, as the tradition of dowry. When an Indian girl prepares to get married, her family has to give a dowry to the groom’s family. If after the marriage, the girl’s family did not pay the dowry, the woman may be harassed or even killed. In addition to that, India knows a demographic problem: there are more men than women in India because many girls are killed at birth for several reasons: a boy is financially more attractive, he can keep the family name, or he can have a better standard of living. For me, it is a gendercide because 50 million girls are going to be lacking every year. A reason which explains these murders: the tradition of the dowry: to have a boy is financially more attractive because you can receive from some money when the boy gets married. A girl does not seem so attractive as a boy because the parents have to pay for the wedding. This practice which forces the bride’s family to give money to the groom’s family returns the obtaining of a difficult husband for the poorest girls because they cannot pay. In three generations, more than 50 million women have been selectively eliminated from India’s population through infanticide, dowry-related murders, and other gendercide practices.

To sum up, India has many disparities in his population in particular between men and women, but also between all the citizens. Every year there are many crimes against women and many people still live in the poverty. However, for several years India has been changing and the behaviour which make the movements of country towards the modernity. [/b]
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09 Janvier 2018 à 11:53
Salut lola60100, pour t'apporter une correction plus rapide, je te conseille notre application SnapSchool ou notre site d'aide aux devoirs Dans les deux cas, les utilisateurs t'aideront à réaliser ce que tu souhaites. Bon courage Wink

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