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17 Février 2020 à 12:12
Guys. I want to travel to Australia. Maybe you know some good hotels and beaches in Melbourne?
I will be happy to hear some advices about it, if you can help me.
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18 Février 2020 à 10:57
Melbourne, just a beautiful city, honestly, it’s very comfortable there, and I would stay there, honestly, be my will. Sam found best beaches in Melbourne through this site. There is a very convenient rating, which lists many of the most popular beaches of this city. There are even wild beaches and secret places, and this is just my love. And I don’t like it when there are too many people around, I like solitude with nature, which is possible only in the absence of people.
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10 Mars 2020 à 13:08
Oh, I was not know about this beautiful places in Melbourne.
And I will wisit it, because it`s interesting.

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