Mythes et Héros / Myths and heroes : Captain America - Anglais - Terminale STMG

Mythes et Héros / Myths and heroes : Captain America - Anglais - Terminale STMG

Consultez gratuitement ce cours d'Anglais pour l'oral du Bac STMG, réalisé par notre professeur, et consacré à la notion Mythes et Héros (Myths and Heroes) et plus particulièrement à Captain América.

Ce document vous permettra d'étudier dans quelle mesure le superhéros Captain America incarne le patriotisme américain durant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale.

Téléchargez gratuitement ci-dessous ce cours d'Anglais sur la notion Mythes et Héros et Captain America pour le Bac STMG.

Mythes et Héros / Myths and heroes : Captain America - Anglais - Terminale STMG

Le contenu du document


Cette fiche s’adresse aux élèves du Cycle Terminal et s’articule autour de la notion « Mythes et héros ». À travers cette fiche, nous étudierons dans quelle mesure le superhéros Captain America incarne le patriotisme américain durant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale. Nous nous intéresserons également à son antagoniste, Crâne Rouge, présenté comme le bras droit d’Hitler. Les mots surlignés en vert seront expliqués dans le lexique à la fin de la fiche. Enfin, un quiz servira d’appui à la partie théorique. 



In 1940, although three quarters of Americans were against the idea of going to war with Germany, Jewish cartoonists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby were particularly affected by the international tensions and were repulsed by the actions of Nazi Germany. While working for Timely Comics – the predecessor of Marvel Comics – Simon conceived the idea of a patriotic superhero. He collaborated with Kirby and Martin Goodman – the Timely Comics’ publisher who was also Jewish – to create Captain America.


I. A patriotic super-soldier 

Captain America is one of the most recognizable superhero published by Timely Comics. He was designed as a super-soldier symbolizing the American patriotism. Both his red and blue uniform and his shield were inspired by the American flag.

Particularly affected by the war in Europe, Steve Rogers was a fine art student who attempted to enlist but he is rejected due to his frail body. Eventually, he was used as a test subject for a Super-Soldier project – Project: Rebirth – and received a special serum that developed his strength, his agility, his stamina and his intelligence.

When Doctor Reinstein – the man who finalized the Super-Soldier project – was murdered, the American government became unable to create new super-soldiers. Thus, Captain America was the one and only super-soldier who turned out to be a patriotic superhero able to fight Nazism.

On the cover of Captain America Comics #1, although the comic book was released before America entered the war, Captain America is punching Hitler in the face. In other words, Captain America fought Hitler before America did!

Yet, the story does not set Captain America facing Hitler himself, but some Americans supporting the Third Reich. By doing so, writers Simon and Kirby thought that if the war in Europe ended, the story would have stayed believable.

Captain America Comics #1 introduces Captain America’s archenemy, Johann Schmidt, a Nazi general officer and confidant of Adolf Hitler, who is known under the name of Red Skull.


II. Red Skull

Red Skull is a Nazi agent, head of Hydra, a fictional terrorist organization. He is the embodiment of the Nazi intimidation.

Johann Schmidt is a German orphan who escaped the orphanage at the age of seven and lived on the streets as a beggar and a thief. When he was not imprisoned, Schmidt worked for a Jewish shopkeeper, whose daughter Esther was the only person kind to him. Schmidt eventually was taken with her and murdered her when she rejected him.

Schmidt met Hitler when he was working as a bellhop in a hotel, while the Nazi Party gained power in Germany. Because he felt Schmidt’s dark inner nature, Hitler decided to recruit him. Eventually, he appointed him as his right-hand man and gave him a unique uniform including a grotesque red mask, hence his name Red Skull.

During the Second World War, Red Skull supervised many military actions, such as the eradication of an entire population. Eventually, Red Skull became the second-most powerful man in the Third Reich. Tired of being Hitler’s subordinate, he even wished he would replace the Führer someday, even if it implied to murder many of Hitler’s closest advisers.

During the war, Captain America often faced Red Skull. While Germany was about to be defeated by the Allies, Captain America tracked Red Skull down to his hidden bunker. The latter threw a grenade and, although both of them survived the explosion, Red Skull was seriously injured.


III. Popularity

During wartime, the adventures of Captain America were very successful. When it was released, Captain America Comics #1 was sold more than a million copies. Yet, Simon and Kirby were threatened by some readers who even sent them anti-Semitic letters. The mayor of New York City at the time, who was a reader of comics himself, ensured that police guards secured the Timely Comics’ building to avoid any trouble.

During the 1950’s, comics were out of fashion. Captain America was no exception and rapidly came to an end. 

It was not until the 1960’s that comics fans saw the come-back of their superhero. Additionally, Captain America was the first Marvel Comics character to have appeared in media outside comics, such as TV series and film.

Nowadays, Captain America is one of the most popular superhero.



A shield : un bouclier

Fine art : les Beaux-Arts

To enlist : s’engager

Staminia : l’endurance

A beggar : un mendiant

A thief : un voleur

To be taken with someone : s’éprendre de quelqu’un

A bellhop : un groom

Hence : d’où

The latter : ce dernier

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