Mythes et héros / Myths and heroes - Are reality TV stars the new heroes ? - Anglais - Terminale STMG

Mythes et héros / Myths and heroes - Are reality TV stars the new heroes ? - Anglais - Terminale STMG

digiSchool vous propose un document d'Anglais de Terminale STMG sur le thème Mythes et héros, "Are reality TV stars the new heroes ?".

Ce cours traitera dans un premier temps de la famille Kardashian, et de l'intérêt que leur portent les télespectateurs. Puis le cours évoquera la télé réalité américaine "The Real Housewives", ainsi que les émissions de télévision françaises.

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Document rédigé par un prof Mythes et héros / Myths and heroes - Are reality TV stars the new heroes ? - Anglais - Terminale STMG

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If you switch on your TV you often fall on programs that are presenting the lives of the rich and famous. Before people liked to watch movies, documentaries or cartoons. Nowadays it is much more fun for them to follow the tribulations of a wealthy family.

But from watching rich girls like the Kardashians to people who craved to become famous by singing, dancing or cooking, TV has upset the old standards. Even the good old wives are no longer living in the shadow.






An Armenian recomposed family with a mother Kris (previously married to a lawyer who died of cancer) married to Bruce Jenner (a former Olympic Athlete and who became the first famous transgender on tv shows, he/she has its own show: “Called me Caitlyn”). 

Kris had four children with her first husband: Kourtney, Kim, Kloé and Rob, then she had 2 children with Bruce: Kendal and Kylie. Bruce had 3 sons from a previous marriage: Brody, Casey and Brandon.

Their show is on E entertainment and was released in 2007.

People can follow their lives, loves and divorces on TV.


kim-kardashian-myths-and-heroes Kim: the concept was first focusing on her life as a starlet. Her first wedding was on TV and the second to Kanye West was the best hit of reality show. she is considered as a media phenomenon because of her 29 million followers on Instagram and her 31 followers on Twitter.

kourtney-kardashian-myths-and-heroes Kourtney: the eldest, people are interested in her recent affair with Justin Bieber.


khloe-kardashian-myths-and-heroes Kloe: she is the one married once to a basketball player who ended in a brothel under coke.


rob-kardashian-myths-and-heroes Rob: the only son who tried to sell socks and who never get out of his sisters’ influence.


kendal-kardashian-myths-and-heroes Kendal: a Victoria’s secret model.


kylie-kardashian-myths-and-heroes Kylie: famous for her relationship at a very young age with a rapper.


Why are people so interested in this family?


-Because they offer a life style many people would like to have: luxurious houses in a luxurious suburbs of Los Angeles (Old Calabasas).


-exotic and exaggerated they also exudes sexuality, drama supervised by a matriarch which has expended the family empire. 


-They got married and divorced like many people but with style. (bling bling weddings and dramatic divorces with tears and parties of all sorts).


-They defend the American Dream even if for many people in these shows intelligence is optional.


-They shop, pose, regret posing, sue magazines, talk to the press when they need it, control their image in a freaky way.


-Some people think that their celebrity status is a symptom of decadence in Western culture (President Obama was quite angry when he learned his daughters were watching the program).


-They are considered as heroes by young people because they survive, they fight to remain on the stage, they propose fashionable products, they are married to famous stars, they work on their bodies showing they are persistent.


-They are either criticized or loved.


-Their show is a war machine coordinated by a famous producer Ryan Seacrest and tons of money.


-They propose an exposition of egos (something you shouldn’t be ashamed of according to them).


-They are of a modern construction (many people are divorced and have existential questions).


-They are the family people wish to have (everybody loves each other) with no false modesty. they defend their role model.


-They even record the birth of their babies on the show to be close to their audience (how to give birth with style!!)





A bunch of women living in Beverly Hills are followed by cameras, they fight, they get reconciled, get married or divorced and organize parties because of their boredom.


Two of them are sisters of Katie Hilton, herself married to the tycoon of Hotel resorts.

One is the ex-wife of David Foster a famous music producer and she is the mother of Gigi Hadid a well-known model

Another one is a former English actress and writer.

One is a model and the ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian (famous in the US for his acting part in minor movies like the experts: Miami, Ugly Betty)

The last one is the former wife of a plastic surgeon (he also has his own show: “Botched” which will be released in October 2016).


They spend their time fighting, in various locations where they try to reconcile.

they do reunions to talk about the past season, and they fight again (“you don’t support me!! this is so unfair!!! and the fight is on again like in high school)


Why do they have some much success?


People love seeing others fighting, furthermore when they are rich. The title is a direct reference to “Desperate housewives” a show created in 2004 by ABC.


In a perverted manner, based on voyeurism and exhibition, people are fulfilling their wish to see evil, despair elsewhere than at their own homes.

Why can’t rich people suffer like I do? 


Many others series were made: 

the real housewives of New Jersey

the real housewives of Dallas

etc …


The concept is used again and again until weariness. the fall of the ratings are the only stop to their career.

In fact, these families are direct references to dynasties, they are just put under the public eye.





Surprisingly, France and French TV is generally a few years behind other countries.

These shows are generally on the cable; it is hard to imagine how a show about rich people would be a success in Francois Hollande’s anti rich France. 

But French TV exploits the concept with opposing two communities in a paradise land: the northern community opposed to the southern one for instance (the contestants are young, supposed to make some actions for charities, exposing a maximum of themselves on the show but also in the press), French people are mocking them, criticizing them. 

The producers exploit the fact that people will find them hilariously ignorant (the Nabila concept: Allo quoi!), none of them has a high degree diploma. This way viewers can fill much more intelligent than they are.

Behind the concept which consists of dealing with a harsh environment it is quite clear that people are making fun of the contestant (the way they speak, dress etc… the discussion at coffee break every Monday morning!!!)


We can say there has been an evolution of Reality shows from the ones led by Oprah Winfrey where people were talking about their personal problem in front of live audience to nowadays TV realities where you just have to sit and enjoy the life you would probably never have.


TV realities stars are different according to countries, cultural backgrounds, and education.

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