Lieux et formes de pouvoir / Places and forms of power - Internet : a boon or a burden ? - Anglais - Terminale STMG

Lieux et formes de pouvoir / Places and forms of power - Internet : a boon or a burden ? - Anglais - Terminale STMG

Voici un document d'Anglais de Terminale STMG sur la notion Places and forms of powerInternet : a boon or a burden ?

Tout d'abord, une introduction au sujet sera faite, puis le document mettra en avant les aspects positifs mais aussi négatifs d'Internet dans notre société.

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Document rédigé par un prof Lieux et formes de pouvoir / Places and forms of power - Internet : a boon or a burden ? - Anglais - Terminale STMG

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Try to imagine your life with no Internet, no computer, no mobile, no laptop … 

Hell for many, a true return to real life for others.

How can we consider Internet and new technologies? 

 A boon or on the contrary as a burden?

It is quite clear that it raises question in a society that is going faster and further but also which is seeking for equilibrium between what it knows and what it wants.


Internet was first used by the American Army in the sixties and then it was popularized in the nineties the we talk about “the worldwide web”.

In 2000, 368 540 computers around the world were connected and in 2014 there were more than 1 billion websites.




For many this new technology doesn’t respond to all wishes.

Indeed, the dangers are numerous and it is not worth bearing them.


-Bullying: when you harass someone on the web (many young teenagers were bullied on the web and some committed suicide)


-Blackmailing: people often answer fake websites and give some personal datas, if they want to regain some privacy they have to pay for it.


-Hacking: many people have given their personal and financial datas because they thought they were talking to their banks, in fact it was a hacker.


-Sexting: some people are showing nude photos of themselves and these photos are used by people (for a divorce, to get some money, for revenge after a broken relationship)


-Fake profiling: many companies and love websites propose fake profile where people are improving some parts of their lives: either professional with better diplomas or better physical appearance.


-Addictions: Before people had to go to Casinos or to tobacco dealers to play, now they just have to be connected to gamble, nobody can stop them. Teenagers are often addicted to online game like: league of legends, warcraft etc. People lose their marks and forget their surroundings.


-Inappropriate comments: very often on the web there are some racial or sexually oriented comments which can hurt or which are illegal and the moderators are not very efficient.


-llegal uploading: movie goers are no longer going to the cinema; they can upload recent movies on streaming. Some artists prefer to use platforms to release their albums but very often you just have to go on deezer or youtube to listen to their new album. Less profits for major music companies, less money for artists which can lead to less creativity.


-End of family life: children are texting instead of talking to their parents at dinner time for instance, they don’t read books anymore they just watch videos or listen to e-books on their computers, they don’t really think when they have homeworks to do they just copy the analysis of wikipedia and they know how to play but can’t use all the softwares.



We must say that internet is:


-Cheaper: than buying books to find information, or going to a travel agency to book a flight, a hotel room.


Faster: than waiting for the next lesson at school, to get the answers to a question, to discover history.


-Better: than some books that were written long ago and which don’t take into account what is going on in the world today.


New technologies have changed our lives in various sectors:

-At home:
  You can watch a program on your computer, you can use chromcast to watch it on a larger screen, you can see new movies thanks to streaming sites and therefore make some savings because you don’t go to the cinema very expensive nowadays). you can even shut the curtains when you are at work thanks to your mobile.
-At school: 
Parents can see your mark on the web, you can do researches, follow MOOC (massive open online courses), you can learn many things without a teacher, you can find a school, a country or some parts of history very quickly with many details.
Children can work on computers and be more independent.
-At the hospital/ at the doctor’s: 
the patient file is transmitted; you can also find information on a health problem on different websites. your prescription can also be delivered. Prices are often lower (for a pair of glasses for example)
- For leisure: 
At home sport is available with different apps, you can improve your health with apps that are counting your steps for example.
You can read books and you don’t need space to stock them.
You can travel without moving and if you want so you can book easily and fast.
- To order:
food, books, clothes, various electronic items, concerts seats, everything is at reach with a simple connection.
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