Lieux et formes de pouvoir / Places and forms of power : Guns in the USA - Anglais - Terminale STMG

Lieux et formes de pouvoir / Places and forms of power : Guns in the USA - Anglais - Terminale STMG

Voici un cours d'Anglais de Terminale STMG sur le thème Lieux et formes de pouvoir, "Guns in the USA".

Vous verrez dans ce document, si le Deuxième Amendement (Second Amendment) a toujours une légitimité aujourd'hui.

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Lieux et formes de pouvoir / Places and forms of power : Guns in the USA - Anglais - Terminale STMG

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The right of own a gun is clearly mentioned in the Constitution of the USA

However, thousands of people die every year because of them. Confronted with the issue of weapons, the country is almost the only developed country where all kinds of arms can be easily purchased. You just have to read the newspapers to find firearms death cases.

The media reveal more than ever police killings, families killed by strangers or by an inappropriate use of firearms.




Each time people rebel against innocent killing but they also defend their rights to protect themselves, brandishing the second amendment. It is directly connected with the foundations of the nation: the fight for liberty, the right of individual freedom.




Some politicians like Donald Trump use killings in order to promote their ideas and are playing the game a very powerful lobby:  the NRA (national rifle association).




Their main approach to the killings is that: “Men kill men not weapons”. “a good guy with a gun to kill a bad guy”

They even issue safety rules for their members.


→ always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

→ always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

→ always keep the gun unloaded until you are ready to use it.

→ know your target and what is beyond.

→ know how to use the gun safely.

→ store guns where they are unaccessible to people who are not authorized to use them.


In the USA there is a gun culture which is quite difficult to understand for Europeans. 

Indeed, the European thinking is: if no one else is carrying a gun, there is no need for me to have one either.


In the USA there is a culture where guns are recognized as tools, respected but not feared, it is a country where criminals should be punished even by death, where ordinary citizens are trusted.


In the past, weapons were used to survive, to protect belongings and families from a hostile environment.

Nowadays it is a direct and affordable response to problems, the ultimate guarantee that their liberty will never be taken away.


More than 23 million arms checks were made in 2015 in the USA, an all-time record. The number of guns sold is far from being reliable as many are sold on the black market or are composed of different parts coming from different arms. 200 million are said to be on the market.


Even the checkings made are not always effective as the number of gun accidents at home increase. Indeed, homes with a gun in the cupboard, a member of the family is almost 3 times more likely to be a victim of a homicide than in a gun free home. 


Even if the number of people who support arms at home is decreasing from 78% in 1978 to 44% in 2012, the cases of suicides are numerous. 


Their access is controlled by the law but laws are different from one state to the other. For example, Texas has a loose interpretation of laws concerning guns. This year universities allow their teachers to carry a gun, despite the mass killing in some other universities. The teachers but also the students can carry guns to protect themselves and their friends in case of danger.


Even if there is a lobby against weapons called the Million Mom March (a reference to Martin Luther King march on Washington in 1963)




Even if recent events put the spotlight on the drifting due to weapons like:

*Travor Martin’s death in 2012 in Florida where a 17 years old boy was killed by a volunteer because he was wearing a hood and was mistaken for a gang member. Zimmerman, the killer argued that he acted in self-defense and was acquitted of second degree murder and manslaughter one year later.


* John Crawford who in 2014 in Ohio was killed by the police because they thought he had a gun.


* Michael Brown who was shot in August 2014 in Missouri by a white policeman despite the fact that he was unarmed . The police man was not indicted in Brown’s death.


*a toddler (2 years-old) who killed his mother in a Walmart supermarket because he could have reached the gun in her purse.


*a toddler who killed his mother with a bullet that went through the car seat.


* a toddler aged 5 who killed his sister with his own riffle in 2013 in Kentucky.


Even if laws are voted like the Brady laws in 1993 (criminals can’t have guns and time to have a permit is requested)




Jim Brady was a former advisor of President Ronald Reagan and in 1981 he was wounded during an attempted murder against the president, he was paralyzed and died in 2014 because of the consequences left by his wounds. His association created in 2001 is composed of more than 400 000 members.


Even if celebrities use their fame to say stop and urge people to drop weapons using social networks




Even if movies to make people react are made like:




A movie made by Michael Moore to denounce the school shooting in columbine, a college in Littleton in Colorado where two young boys killed 10 people.


Even if the latest president Barak Obama tried to make the legislation revised and failed to do so,


All of them, every attempt to find a suitable solution to mass killing are a failure. Furthermore, they have to face pro-gun people who prefer the defense of education and training as the keys to firearm safety. They think it is not in banning weapons that the problem can be solved.

This is still an intense debate which both candidates who run for the presidential election will have to deal with.

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