Idée de progrès / Idea of progress : Impacts of climate change - Anglais - Terminale STMG

Idée de progrès / Idea of progress : Impacts of climate change - Anglais - Terminale STMG

Notre professeur vous propose ce cours d'Anglais pour le Bac STMG sur la thématique "Idée de Progrès" (Idea of Progress). Ce document traite des impacts du changement climatique.

Vous aborderez tout d'abord l'impact du changement climatique sur les individus, puis sur l'environnement.

Téléchargez gratuitement ci-dessous ce document d'Anglais sur l'idée de progrès et le changement climatique.

Idée de progrès / Idea of progress : Impacts of climate change - Anglais - Terminale STMG

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This summer was hot, not to say stifling, many natural disasters occurred (the latest one in Italy where more than 250 people died after an earthquake). Many countries have to deal with environment and climate issues. For instance, in Africa where water is scarce, in Asia where typhoons are numerous, in Europe where temperatures are rising.

Many famous persons tried to awake people’s consciousness, promoting a new way of life in which environment would be preserved.

Leonardo Di Caprio is one of them, Al Gore a former American vice president too. 

Meetings between nations are held almost every year to find solutions.



We can see some environmental refugees arriving in our countries. They have lost everything because of earthquakes or because the desert has enshrouded everything they could cultivate. They are without any resources to survive and therefore have no other choice than to leave their country and seek for a better future elsewhere. 

Idée de progrès : Changement climatique - Anglais Bac

Water supplies are difficult to put into service as people in underdeveloped countries very often do not have the skills and the right people to activate them.  

Little by little some places become inhabitable and the desert is gaining ground. Without water nothing can grow and people can’t feed themselves.

Furthermore because of extreme weather events such as earthquakes, droughts, tsunamis, people die.

In 2004 in Asia a violent tsunami killed at least 250 000 people. In August 2016, Italy had suffered one major earthquake and San Francisco is still waiting for the big one

Heatwaves are also more numerous and in 2013 a higher rate of deaths had been registered. 

2015 was one of the hottest year and 2016 is still hot.  

Each country has to face major climate issues such as pollution, nuclear leaks, but not all of them have taken the same measures to control its pollution or to improve environmental measures.

Even after some international meetings like COP 21 in Paris in 2015, climate issues are still accurate in some countries. 



Since many years countries have become aware of the Amazon collapses. Governments have established new rules to protect it and it seems that their common efforts have paid.

The rainforest and the population are in great danger. 

The sea levels are rising rapidly and the oceans are getting warmer and warmer. 

The Greenland is melting and Polar bears are now an endangered species.

The icecap is melting too and the ozone layer has widened a lot in the past years.

Little by little some species disappear and it affects our daily lives. Less bees means less agricultural development, therefore less food or food with a prohibitive price (it was the case this summer with fruit and more specially oranges which were sold at a very high price.

Governments have signed a major agreement in Paris in December 2015, they have all agreed to improve their technics of fighting global warming and the biggest polluters such as the USA and China are looking for solutions to reduce their impact on environment. 

Leonardo Di Caprio launches new campaigns and very strong speeches to raise people awareness that global warmingis worse than war, famine or plague.

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