Idée de progrès / Idea of progress : Advertisement - Anglais - Terminale STMG

Idée de progrès / Idea of progress : Advertisement - Anglais - Terminale STMG

Voici un cours de Terminale STMG Anglais sur le thème de l'Idée de progrès, "Advertisement".

Dans un premier temps, quelques définitions concernant le chapitre vous seront données. Le document mettra en évidence l'utilisation de la publicité dans le système capitaliste Américain, système rejeté par de plus en plus de personne.

Téléchargez gratuitement cette fiche de révision de Terminale Bac STMG d'Anglais sur le thème Idea of progress.

Document rédigé par un prof Idée de progrès / Idea of progress : Advertisement - Anglais - Terminale STMG

Le contenu du document


Some definitions



An identifying symbol, a word or mark that distinguishes a product or a company from its competitors. They are registered, they have logos which represent their values.


-Trade Mark (™):

 A mark used to promote a product, a company, you can find it on a label, on an item and it cannot be copied without permission.

The first trade marks were used in the roman empire by Blacksmiths and in 1266, it was imposed to bakers on the bread they sell by the English Parliament.


The art of promoting something in order to get either some money or some fame.


-The pyramid of Maslow:


 An American psychologist who died in 1970 and who studied the different phase of human behaviour and needs.




capitalist system exploits people persuading them that they really need the product: the aim is money gaining and increasing.

(if you are looking for comfort then you have to join the community which offer the value otherwise you are considered as a loser, as someone who is living in a cave).



capitalist system leads people to feel guilty: if you can’t afford the product, you can’t live in this society, you must therefore sacrify family, food, etc. for the product.


A capitalist system relies on short life items (before you could keep your washing machine for almost 2 decades, nowadays after 5 years it is out of work because of technical failures) 

If you want to follow, to be in trendy you have to spend and react quickly to every new item launch. This is planned to create an artificial demand.

A capitalist system is based on the love for money: money helps you to buy dream: during difficult time people prefer to forget what they endure.

Advertising develops a sense of emergency and energy, money is the only way to satisfy them.


Before, people were trying to satisfy physiological needs (eating, wearing something to be protected from weather conditions), today we are in the need of self-esteem, the need of belongings whatever the cost. Buying is a way to assert a social status. 

Children at school have to suffer a lot if they don’t wear the right garment or if they had no fashionable clothes.



Without any control, people can become addicted to shopping, they can go into debts for things they don’t need, they are compulsive buyers and stockers.



-Fair trade is expending, freeganism too.

-A need to find back self-esteem and not relying on esteem offered by others (I am not perfect therefore I assume who I am and What I am).

- I exist as a human being and not as a consumer.

-Many countries or people try to invent a new way of consuming (sharing, trading for lower price, giving to transform).

-People are saving more money because they know that their future is uncertain.

-People are more aware of credit cards dangers.

-Resources are saved better nowadays because governments are making efforts and signing treaties or agreements.

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