Espaces et échanges / Spaces and exchanges : Les préjugés - Anglais - Terminale STMG

Espaces et échanges / Spaces and exchanges : Les préjugés - Anglais - Terminale STMG

digiSchool vous propose un nouveau document d'anglais pour la Terminale STMG à propos de la notion "Espaces et échanges".

Le thème abordé est : Les préjugés en France, aux USA et en Angleterre. Dans un premier temps, vous comprendrez ce que sont les préjugés, puis vous apprendrez quels sont-ils selon les trois pays cités.

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Espaces et échanges / Spaces and exchanges : Les préjugés - Anglais - Terminale STMG

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Qu’est-ce qu’un préjugé ?

Un préjugé est une opinion préconçue que l’on peut se faire sur quelqu’un ou quelque chose (évènement, objet, comportement), que cela soit favorable ou défavorable. Le préjugé varie en fonction des critères personnels.


Pourquoi ?

Cette opinion, souvent faussée, peut être guidée par l’éducation, la moralité, le milieu de vie, les habitudes, l’expérience.

Cette pensée peut être teintée d’un caractère assez péjoratif, provenant d’une idée un peu trop hâtive, sans réelle réflexion.

Cependant, si le préjugé est accompagné de bons sentiments ou de belles impressions, il peut être « en faveur » d’une personne, ou d’une chose (culture, évènement).

Le jugement est donc porté avant réelle constatation de la vérité. Quelque chose qui n’est pas vérifié comme étant vrai, est tenu pour acquis, ce qui représente un danger potentiel pour un individu ou une société.

Nous allons voir aujourd’hui, certains préjugés qui existent entre la France, l’Angleterre et les Etats-Unis.


Mais d’où viennent-ils ?




English people are too polite

English people are not that polite. This prejudice comes from some of their expressions when they apologize, or when they have a request (‘may I have your pardon, I wonder if you would mind...)

For example, the expression ‘lovely’ is commonplace in English but it doesn’t always express something extraordinary cute. 

However, don’t fool yourself, they can use bad words just like you.




They really like football

It’s almost a religion in Great Britain but are they the only one? It became a habit to love football.

Some documentary, films or books depicted stories about the hooligans (= voyous) match supporters, fighting with each other, almost killing themselves.


Tea is the national beverage

That is one of the most famous prejudice people have against English people. ‘Everyday at 5pm, they stop every activity to drink their beloved beverage’.

Brought in the XVIIth century in England, tea is a legacy of China.

However more and more English people turn to coffee shops. The annual consumption of tea decreased by 22 % between 2010 and 2015 according to a market study published by Mintel. Nowadays, the first heavy tea drinker is the United Arab Emirates.


French and English people are not getting along with each other

With the Hundred Years’ War, French and English people were in serious disagreement however war being over for a long time, people can’t stay cross at each other for something that happened in the past. Since the ‘Entente Cordiale’ (1904) their relationship has changed in good.

English and French people ‘pretend’ to dislike each other nevertheless, each year both of them are visiting their neighbour’s country.


It rains everyday in England

It is one of the truest prejudices against England. It often rains but as in other places. We can’t change a climate. Have you ever been to Bretagne, or Henderson Lake in Canada?


They have a particular sense of humour

There are a lot of British movies and TV-shows that are not appreciated by everyone. The point of view can be different from other American movies.

Sometimes it destabilises people because they have to get off beaten tracks (= sortir des sentiers battus).


‘They all have a picture of the Queen

Royalty can be really important for British people. Some of them follow the news (crowning, wedding, pregnancy). However, be assured, a lot of British people totally don’t care. 


They want to be different

How can we blame an entire country just because of their custom? It’s true, they drive on the left side of the road and they don’t have the same currency. Each country wants to have its own culture and custom. Nevertheless, do they really want to be that different?


Prejudices on French people


French people only eat cheese, bread and drink red wine

Foreigners may only remember those dishes. Not all French people like cheese and red wine because of its strong tastes. 

In France, there are a lot of vineyards, and many cheese producers. The one thing to remember is that other countries export those products for their own good. 


They are not nice, and always in bad mood (= humeur)’

This prejudice comes from big cities. For example, in Paris, people aren’t so joyful to be in the subway (underground) early in the morning to go to work. In big cities, it is commonplace to be trapped in the middle of rush hour, being pushed by everyone on the way. In those circumstances, do they really want to express their happiness? 


Always on strike (= en grève)!’

Not always of course, however it is true that France is often on strike. The Constitution allows such a thing, so inhabitants use their rights. The top 3 of “the countries the most on strike” is Cyprus, Denmark and France.


French is the only language they know

France is not famous being gifted in languages. Compare to other countries such as Germany, North countries (Sweden, Norway, Iceland) France is not rated at the top of the best foreign language speakers.


Froggies! Frog-eater, snail-eater

Some French people do eat snails and frogs and really enjoy it. 

It can be seen as something unusual but in some other countries people eat insects such as grasshoppers and worm. Each country has its own food. Be open-minded and respectful.


France? Paris and Côte d’Azur!

It’s hard to know every city in a country. For this reason, some foreigners only know Paris, the capital city and the “Côte d’Azur” because of its reputation to be “the place to be”.

 In our daily life, we all prioritize our amount of knowledge can we really be blamed?


Frenchy style

French fashion is well appreciated worldwide. With the Moulin Rouge in Paris and the 1920’s, foreigners view Paris as a romantic and a fancy ( = raffiné) town.


They all smoke!

France is one of the countries where people smoke the most. There are no restriction areas in front of shops (like in the USA), and people can smoke from the age of 18 years old. When you walk in the streets, it is common to see a lot of people smoking. Of course, not all French people smoke. In the top 10 of the biggest smokers, there are Montenegro, Byelorussia, Lebanon (…) and France on 10th position.


Prejudices on American people


USA, the only place in the world

American people can be very patriotic. After the 11th of September, many waves of patriotism appeared. In a party, united people can shout ‘USA! USA! ‘in an outpouring (=élan) of joy. In France, it can be badly perceived.

They love their country; can we all say the same thing?


They are noisy

Spring breaks, raves, all of these parties represent the image of fun, irresponsibility and youth with huge parties with a lot of people, alcohol, drugs, sex and loud music. American sorority houses, university campuses depicted in movies or TV-shows gave us this noisy impression. 

American people are fat

America is one of the countries where obesity is a real problem but Americans are not the only ones. Child obesity is very common due to a large number of fast foods (cheap food) that cause diseases like diabetes. Some fast foods write down on the menu card, the number of calories for each portion. Furthermore, ads fighting against obesity are more numerous in the country.


They are bullies

It comes from the fact that American people do have guns and still have death penalty.  In their country, carrying a firearm is legal and the law about self-defence is not the same as in other countries. 

There are a lot of incidents reported in the news due to the bearing of weapons, which cemented (= reinforced) the idea of bullies. Death penalty on innocent people is unbearable. As death is an irrevocable action, it is something really hard to accept.


They have no culture

As you know, the United States is a country composed of 50 states. Sometimes, American people are lacking in knowledge about their own country because of its tremendous size.


Too conservatives

I am not talking about politics but about religion. This is an omnipresent symbol in the USA.  Teenagers can make the vow of sexual abstinence being told that it can be dangerous and insane. There are some states where you can find religions like Mormon and Amish with a lot of restrictions. Those ones cannot be generalized to all religions.


They are materialist

They love having big cars, huge houses and gardens, why? It is proportionate with the size of the lands. Roads and fields, are tremendously big. 


Et voilà ! Vous connaissez désormais beaucoup de choses sur les préjugés entre la France, l’Angleterre et les Etats-Unis. Rappelez-vous, la tolérance et l’ouverture d’esprit sont la clé pour une bonne coexistence entre les peuples.




Voici un ensemble d’œuvres ou de représentations (artistiques) révélant certains préjugés qu’ils soient favorables ou défavorables.


TV-shows :

Little britain de Matt Lucas et de David Walliams

The It Crowd de Graham Linehan

The Simpsons de Matt Groening

The Griffins (Family guy) / American dad de Seth MacFarlane


Movies :

Le nom des gens de Michel Leclerc traitant de la politique

Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au bon dieu ? de Philippe de Chauveron 

La première étoile de Lucien Jean-Baptiste

Rasta Rockett de Jon Turteltaub


Pictures :

Drawings of black and jewish people de l’époque nazie, caricaturant les aspects physiques de différents peuples afin de favoriser un climat de propagande.

Judging America de Joël Parés traite des stéréotypes aux Etats-Unis mettant en scène des personnes correspondant à l’idée générale publique en fonction de la couleur de peau, de l’apparence physique et de l’orientation sexuelle. 


Documentaries :

Religulous (= Relidicule) de l’humoriste américain Bill Maher réalisé par Lary Charles traitant des religions dans le monde.


Music :

American de Macklemore dépeignant une satire de la culture américaine du point de vue d’un “redneck” (= rustre, stéréotype d’un américain)

Lili de Pierre Perret racontant l’histoire d’une jeune somalienne arrivant en France avec la tête pleine de préjugés favorables.

22 de Lily Allen racontant l’histoire d’une femme de 30 ans victime de préjugés à propos d’une jeunesse éphémère.

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