Espaces et Echanges / Spaces and Exchanges : Community life on campus - Anglais - Terminale STMG

Espaces et Echanges / Spaces and Exchanges : Community life on campus - Anglais - Terminale STMG

Ce document, rédigé par notre professeur, traite le thème "Espaces et Echanges" (Spaces and Exchanges) au programme d'anglais du Bac, et s'intéresse à la vie sur un campus universitaire.

En premier lieu, vous verrez ce que sont une fraternité et une sororité, puis vous en apprendrez plus sur le système éducatif américain. Enfin, vous trouverez un liste de vocabulaire sur l'école.

Téléchargez gratuitement ci-dessous ce cours d'anglais sur le thème Espaces et Echanges (Spaces and Exchanges) sur la vie communautaire sur un campus universitaire.

Espaces et Echanges / Spaces and Exchanges : Community life on campus - Anglais - Terminale STMG

Le contenu du document



Here it comes, the end of high school, the beginning of a new life as a student. Each year many young people are leaving their family to get a new experience, life on a campus.

For both, parents and students this farewell is a turning point, often waited, often feared, it marks the entry in adulthood. Parents are at the same time proud to see their children going to college but also experience fear and relive the first day at school when their children were young. 

This time they won’t come back in the evening full of things to say, they won’t share with them little everyday stories. Young teenagers on their side are anxious to discover a complete new world with more freedom.

Parents’ view

  • end of family life
  • end of cuddling
  • end of sharing quality moments
  • beginning of freedom
  • more spendings
  • more lonely moments
  • more anxious
  • less control



  • more freedom
  • more maturity
  • less controlled
  • control a budget
  • fear not be integrated
  • friends for life
  • new activities
  • new home



  • It comes from frater/soror in Latin meaning brother /sister
  • The first fraternity was created in 1776 in Virginia. 
  • They chose Greek letters to represent them because all of the students were studying Greek at that time.
  • The first sorority was created in 1867 and the word was first officially used in 1874.


Alumni : a former member of a fraternity or sorority.

Bid night : the night where new members are accepted

A pledge : a candidate to a sorority or fraternity who is taking part in many activities in order to show his/her motivation

A fraternity: a social organization of colleges and universities for boys

A sorority : a social organization at college and universities for girls. To enter a sorority, you have to be an undergraduate student but you will always be part of the sorority the rest of your life.


Some famous people who were in a Fraternity:

Martin Luther King went to Alpha Pi Alpha.

Bill Clinton went to Alpha Pi Omega.

Elvis Presley went to Tau KappaEpsilon.



  • Secrecy
  • Single sex membership
  • A set of complex identification symbols including Greek letters, armorial achievements, ciphers, badges, grips, hand signs, passwords, flowers, and colors.
  • Living in a precise building
  • Chosen on a process of probation.


The sororities are engaged in philanthropic activities. Often host parties and other events that place them at the social center of life on a university campus; sometimes provide "finishing" training for new members, such as instruction on etiquette, dress, and manners and create networking and career opportunities for their newly graduated members.

Unfortunately, they are also known for bullying and hard partying. Alcohol on campuses is frequent and parents as well as the campus authorities are trying to do their best to eradicate it with the use of control patrols.




Preprimary school : nursery school, prekindergarten, kindergarten

Primary school : Elementary school, grade school

Secondary : high school / middle/ junior high school + senior high school.


School is compulsory from the ages of 6 and 17

Mandatory subjects are: Science, Maths, Social sciences, PE, a foreign language, art education, health

A major characteristics of American schools: priority is given to extracurricular activities; it can allow a better admission to college.



Some of the oldest universities in the USA are part of what is called the Ivy league: Cornell, CSU, Brown, Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale. 


The registration fees are astronomic and they are often accused of being in favor of elitism. 

Their campuses are huge with all the best facilities, their teachers are the best paid and the most rewarded, many Nobel peace prize attended one of the ivy league universities

Columbia university campus


At the end of College, the graduation ceremony is a big event. Students receive their diplomas. They will remain in their fraternity or sorority as alumni and will help other members when they will have a job.



a nursery school/kindergarten : une école maternelle

a primary/secondary school : une école primaire/secondaire

higher education : l’enseignement supérieur

at school : à l’école

a state school : une école publique

a prep school : une école primaire privée

a public school : un collège privé (UK) / une école publique (US)

a private school (US) : une école privée

a vocational school : un lycée professionnel

a boarding school : un internat

a day school : un externat

a form (UK) / a grade (US) : une classe

a careers officer/ a careers counselor (US) : un conseiller d’orientation

a college (US) : une faculté

a polytechnic : un IUT

an engineering school : une école d’ingénieur

a business school : une école de  commerce

to register : s’inscrire

a registration : une inscription

to major in (US) : se spécialiser en

tuition : les cours

tuition fees : les frais de scolarité

a lecture : un cours magistral

a grant : une bourse

a freshman (US) : étudiant de 1ere année

a sophomore (US) : un étudiant de 2ieme année

a junior (US) : un étudiant de 3ième année

a senior (US) : un étudiant de 4ieme année

a term : un trimestre

a semester : un semestre

a dean : un doyen

a professor : un prof de fac

a graduate : un diplomé

to attend a lecture : assister à un cours magistral

spring break : vacances de printemps

compulsory schooling : scolarité obligatoire

co-educational : mixte

to swot/to cram : bachoter

truancy : absentéisme

to master : maitriser

a skill : une compétence

proficient in : absentéisme

to master : maitriser

a skill : une compétence

proficient in : compétent en

willing : volontaire

willingness : la volonté

a BA (bachelor of Arts) : une licence

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