Correction Anglais LV2 Bac STMG Pondichéry 2017

Correction Anglais LV2 Bac STMG Pondichéry 2017

Retrouvez la correction de l'épreuve d'Anglais LV2 du Bac STMG de Pondichéry 2017 ! Cette correction est valable pour toutes les filières technologiques.

L'épreuve se décompose en deux parties : compréhension écrite et expression écrite à partir de documents qui vous sont donnés.

Téléchargez gratuitement ce corrigé d'Anglais LV2 Bac STMG de Pondichéry 2017, et retrouvez le sujet complet sur digiSchool.

Correction Anglais LV2 Bac STMG Pondichéry 2017

Le contenu du document

Il est important de relire deux fois le texte, vous pouvez surligner les mots pertinents à votre compréhension.




Document 1



1) Carmen emigrated from Mexico because she ‘tried to cross the Rio Grande River into the United States’ (1) and she succeeded. Around 20 years later she lived in ‘northwest Arkansas (...)with four American-born children’ (12).


2)  She was quite young when she arrived in the United States because when she first crossed her country, she was ‘a newly married 16-year-old’ (2).


3) She joined her husband in the United States because he was already there. It is illustrated in the text by ‘her husband had already made the crossing’ (4).


4) Carmen was dreaming of a better life. With her husband, they called it ‘the promised land of Texas’ (4).


Vous pouvez inclure du texte dans vos phrases (entre apostrophes) afin d’illustrer vos propos sans aucune redondance.



1) Carmen and her friends swam across the Rio Grande River. It is false because they were ‘crossing through a drainage pipe’ (5) so it is believed that they crawled through it and nothing indicates that she made the crossing with friends.


2) They were stopped while trying to enter the United States.  It is true. They ‘were caught’ (5) while crossing through a drainage pipe, then ‘put up in a hotel’ (7).


3) They decided to try again at night. It is true. They ‘waited until dark’ (8) ‘giving the others (...) a chance to disappear’ (10).


4) All of them finally arrived in the United States. It is false. Although we are not completely sure, when they were stopped while trying to enter the United States, they had the ‘understanding that a few individuals would sacrifice themselves and be caught’ (9). Hence, we guess that some of them could not make it.


5) Millions of immigrants are living illegally in the United States. It is true by quoting the text ‘the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S’ (14).


C. The crossing was very dangerous for the immigrants because they were ‘crossing through a drainage pipe’ (5) risking death by suffocation.



1) At the beginning of the text Carmen was 16 years old. After the crossing, she was 35. Nowadays, she is approximately 39 years old.


2) Now, Carmen lives in ‘northwest Arkansas’ (12) in the United States.


Il n’est pas utile de trop s’étendre sur vos réponses si cela n’est pas demandé.


3) Carmen lives with ‘her husband and her four American-born children’ (12).


4)  Carmen and her husband do ‘construction jobs and housekeeping’ (17).


E. Carmen is still worried about her family. She is scared that one day, someone will take her husband and children away from her. She is afraid because the government is threatening to deport his husband.


Document 2 


F. Nelly Lozano is a woman who was born in Mexico and emigrated to the United States. Now she lives in Mexico.


G. Nelly Lozano had ‘a high-paying job’ (2), ‘an almost brand-new car’ (3) and a ‘comfortable home’ (3) in the United States.


H. 1) Nelly Lozano had a successful life in the United States.  It is true. Nelly had a ‘high-paying job’ (2), a ‘comfortable home’ (3) and ‘school’ (10) for her son.


2) Nelly was satisfied with the life she had. It is false. With everything she had, Nelly was not really happy. She wondered ‘why do you live here if you’re not happy?’ (4).


3) Some immigrants preferred going back to Mexico.  It is true. In spite of the presumed ‘American Dream’ some immigrants came back home; ‘ Mexican immigrants who returned home (...) did so voluntarily’ (14).


N’hésitez pas à intégrer des mots de liaisons dans vos réponses afin de montrer aux correcteurs votre aisance en anglais.


I. People go back to Mexico because: 

2) They feel isolated. 

4) They don’t see their families. 

5) They haven’t become rich. 


J. Back home, Nelly is happier.  She earns less, works less and thus she can do more activities with her son. She is satisfied with her new situation.


Document 1 and 2


K. Carmen is afraid of being sent back to Mexico.

Nelly is disappointed with the American lifestyle.


L. This is the title which applies to document 1 and 2:

b) Illegal immigration to the U.S. 




If I had the opportunity to do so, I would certainly like to live in a foreign country. This could be a huge experiment for me, meeting new people, discovering a brand new culture, all of this is good for the soul. I would love to learn a new language and taste new dishes. I think that if I lived in a foreign country, I would write a book to remember everything. I would take many photographs of people and landscapes. I would like to be able to pass on what I learned. I would like to be more open-minded. I think it is what people need nowadays, to look beyond and not just look themselves in the mirror. I want to live this openness to others. 

One thing I am afraid of is loneliness. Abroad, I would like to have worthy friends. I will always remember : communication is the key. 151


Pour l’expression écrite nul besoin de faire un plan car vous risquez de perdre du temps. Vous pouvez cependant noter sur un brouillon quelques mots clés pour vous aider à rédiger votre expression.

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