Correction Anglais LV2 - Bac STMG 2017

Correction Anglais LV2 - Bac STMG 2017

Notre professeur a rédigé pour vous le corrigé d'Anglais LV2 du Bac STMG 2017. Ce corrigé est valable pour toutes les séries technologiques du Bac 2017.
Voir le sujet d'Anglais LV2

Notre professeur vous propose son corrigé pour que vous puissiez vous évaluer. Découvrez ici toutes les réponses aux questions de la partie de compréhension, ainsi que les deux sujets d'expression rédigés.

Téléchargez gratuitement ci-dessous le sujet corrigé d'Anglais LV2 du Bac STMG 2017 !

Correction Anglais LV2 - Bac STMG 2017

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A. What do the following places have in common? Copy the sentences and complete them with words from the text.

1. These 4 places are located in Scotland.

2. These 4 places can also be seen in video games.

B. Pick out the 3 activities that fans do in this country. Justify your choices by quoting the text.

3. Travelling to places they have discovered in a movie. “‘set-jetting’, where people visit a destination after seeing it in a film” (L13).

4. Exploring game locations in reality. “People choosing to experience in real life the landscapes they see virtually before them within the games” (L2).

5. Taking selfies in front if video game industry building. “Many make the trip to the capital to get their photo taken outside its head office” (L 24).

C. 1) Copy the table onto your paper and complete it with some of the elements listed below.

VisitScotland → d- a national tourism organisation → 5-  promotes the country.

Start The Adventure → e-  A travel company →  1- organises trips with themes

Abertay University  → b- A higher education center → 3- teaches how to make games.

2) True or false? Answer the question and justify by quoting the text.

a) The ‘consoliday’ was invented by VisitScotland. False. VisitScotland “identified a new tourism trend” (L1) there is no information about creating a new trend.

b) People all over the world admire this country’s game business.  True “new tourism trend” (L1) “Minecraft fans” (L4), “people” (L2).

c) The game business is one of the most profitable national commercial activities. True. “Scotland’s video game industry is (…) a major contributor to our country’s economy” (L28)


D. 1) Who and when? Copy the table and complete it with the 3 following elements.

1) 1861: Soldiers

2016:  Reenactors / Spectators

2) Use the 3 words from table D. 1) to complete the sentence below. Write it onto your paper.

At Hale Farm and Village, reenactors recreate a famous battle of the Civil War. They roleplay soldiers in front of spectators.

3) The experience is supposed to be as realistic as possible. Justify this statement with two different sentences from the text.

The experience is supposed to be as realistic as possible so reenactors use “the same amenities that were available to Civil War soldiers” (L18) and “every detail, including the tents they sleep in, are made to look as real as the resources Civil War solders used in their day” (L20).

E. True or false? Answer and justify by quoting the text.

1) The show has more impact on spectators than on reenactors. False. “The re-enactment weekend will be just as meaningful for them as it will be for spectators” (L8).

2) Spectators are forbidden to talk to reenactors. False. “Talking to the crowd never gets boring, not even 30 years later” (L28).

3) The show teaches children about the culture of this period. True. “Besides educating kids on Civil War-era” (L30).

F. What could Mike or Chris say to convince people to join the group of reenactors? Choose the 4 appropriate answers and justify by quoting from the text.

Mike could say:

2- It’s an opportunity to make good friends. “the reenactors have taken their passion for history and turned it into lifelong friendships” (L 31).

4- It’s better if the experience is real rather than on-screen. “unlike a virtual game on Xbox, these magic moments take your breath away” (L23).

6- It’s an opportunity to learn new skills. “Mike learned to ride a horse specifically for these events” (L29).

3- It’s a good way to meet people from different background. “There are small-time millionaire, minimum wage earners, and everything between serving side by side in the same unit” (L 33).


G. What are the participants’ main motivations as presented in the documents? Match each motivation on the left with the appropriate document(s) on the right.

1) Looking for real experiences → c) document 1 and document 2.

2) Revisiting an event through human interaction →  b) only document 2

3) Revisiting landscapes and places you saw first on screen → a) only document 1.


A. You are Vikram or Martina and you have discovered a time machine. Show it to your best friend and discuss your first destination and period (past or future). Imagine the conversation. 

“Hey Liz, come here! Look what I’ve found. Crazy, isn’t it?”

“Martina, where have you found this? It looks like a time machine!” asked Liz.

“I think it’s still working”.

“Don’t be silly, it can’t be. It is not possible” answered Liz with a patronising voice.

I looked at my friend. It felt like the warm memory of childhood.

“Anyway, if it worked, where would you like to go?”

I smiled at Liz; she was okay to pretend it was real. 

“I would like to see what’s beyond us, into space, meeting different civilizations. And you?”

 “I would go right to the medieval age, with the Arthurian Legend! I’d be a damsel in distress and a valiant knight would save me by killing monstrous beasts!” claimed Liz.

 “Or maybe we can just meet dinosaurs. “

We burst out laughing, and it was a beautiful day. 152

B. You are Sam of Green Valley High School and you would like to suggest an activity to bring new students together on the first day of school in September. Prepare a speech to give to the students’ union to explain your choice. Use one of the following suggestions.

Dear students!

I want you all united for the new year coming. It will be hard and you will need to rely on friends. 

I have the best suggestion ever! Join me on the first day of school in September. I have prepared a magnificent treasure hunt! Some of you may think that it’s a childish idea. Don’t fool yourself! It definitely won’t be for kids. I need all your intellect and your cohesion. You will be in different team and you will discover… the mysterious secret of the university! A long time ago, something terrible happened here and you will have to find out the truth. As a reward, you will receive a perfect student kit, including books and hard drive. 

Tell all your student friends to join us on this marvellous adventure! 

Thank you for your attention, I will be waiting for you on September the 1st. 

See you soon, 161

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